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Bible Quote of the month

"As Jacob started on his way again, angels of God came to meet him. When Jacob saw them, he exclaimed, "This is God's camp!" So he named the place Mahanaim.Then Jacob sent messengers ahead to his bother, Esau, who was living in the region of Seir in the land of Edom. He told them, "Give this message to my master Esau: 'Humble greetings from your servant Jacob. Until now I have been living with uncle Laban, and now I own cattle, donkeys, flocks of sheep, and goats and many servants, both men and women. I have sent hese messengers to inform my lord of my coming, hoping that you will be friendly to me.'" After delivering the message, the messengers returned to Jacob and reported, "We met your brother, Esau, and he is already on his way to meet you - with an army of 400 men!" Jacob was terified at the news. He divided his household, along with the flocks and herds and camels, into two groups. He thought, if Esau meets one group and attacks it, perhaps the other group can escape."



Genesis 32 v 1-8; 22-32


Theme: Blessings


We are at the 2nd half of the year where we need blessings. We call this the grace to finish what we have started. All the things blocking our way to finish shall be removed. Every promise hanging upon our lives shall come to pass. It's coming to perfection.


A blessing can change your death date. Whatever God approves is final. God allows the situation to be worse before He helps you.


Prayer: "Lord, change my name from poverty to blessing in Jesus Christ's name." Do NOT give up! See God in every situation that you face; with all that you have, see God.